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Software Developed by the Otago DC&SA team:

  • OPAL - The Otago Agent Platform. At this location, you can find
    • the OPAL agent platform core.
    • the NZDIS (New Zealand Distributed Information System) Project demonstration system
    • the NZDIS System Utilities
    • the Simple SL (Simple Semantic Language) software package, suitable for encoding agent message content in compliance with the Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA) agent communication language standard.
    • the NZDIS Java Agent Services (JAS) implementation. For information about Java Agent Services, see the JAS home page.
  • KEA agent components. These agent components, written in Java, include
    • KEA micro-agents
    • ROK - an object-oriented forward-chaining rule engine
    • jPRS - a Java-based procedural reasoning system
  • JFern - a coloured Petri net modelling tool and simulation engine
  • JBees - an agent-based distributed workflow management system.
  • Cirrus - a Java-based library for evolutionary computing and evolvable hierarchical virtual machines. Modules include
    • JRio - a GUI library
    • Cirrus - a framework for GAs, EVMs, PVMs, etc.
    • JInfinity - parallel execution of tasks on a computing cluster
    • Lang - Java interpreter written in Java

Related Research & Technology at Otago:

  • The Knowledge, Intelligence and Web Informatics Laboratory (KIWILab)
  • The Global Network Interconnectiviey Project (GNI)
  • The Otago Next Generation Networks and Services Test Bed (ONGEN)
  • The New Zealand Distributed Information Systems (NZDIS) research project
  • The Artificial Intelligence Research Group in the Computer Science Department
  • The Software Engineering and Collaborative Modelling Laboratory (SECML)

International Agent Organisations:

  • UMBC Agent Web - news and information on software agent technology
  • AGENT LINK - -news and information on software agent technology
  • Agent Land -- a service offered by Cybion, a European organisation specialising in intelligent agents.
  • OMG Agent Platform Special Interest Group -- a group with the mission to extend the OMG Object Management Architecture (OMA) to better support agent technology.
  • The Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA) -- a non-profit organisation aimed at producing standards for the interoperation of heterogeneous software agents.
  • IFAAMAS -- a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote science and technology in the areas of artificial intelligence, autonomous agents and multiagent systems.
  • Whitestein Technologies, a European commercial company specializing in software agents.

Other Regional Agent Activities:

  • Agents Victoria -- Agent researchers in the Melbourne, Australia, area who hold group meetings.


  • Schemaweb -- a repository for RDF schemas expressed in the RDFS, OWL and DAML+OIL schema languages.
  • Standard Upper Ontology -- The SUO WG (IEEE P1600.1) is developing a standard upper ontology to support computer applications such as data interoperability, information search and retrieval, automated inferencing, and natural language processing
  • John Sowa's ontology page.

Agents in the News: